Detekwywi PL specialize in wire tap, covert camera and GPS detection.

Bugs and wire taps may be used for data gathering, that can be used on trial or against you in business. Bugs are usually tiny radio wave devices, sending data to the receiver. They might be installed anywhere, without  your permission nor knowledge.

We can check for bugs and wire taps everywhere you wish:

  • Various habitats.
  • Private houses.
  • Agencies and companies.
  • Board offices.
  • Vehicles.
  • Cell phones, computers etc.

We localize, detect and remove all wires and bugs, both physically and technically. Thanks to the newest technology we are able to do it in a very short time.

Wire detection and how it works

Anyone can find this service useful – both individuals as well as companies. Bugs are widely available and are easy to set up, illegally gathering confidential information.

Our anti-wire offer:

  • Space check with an acoustic correlator.
  • Check for all kinds of unplugged data transmission.
  • Phone check for bugs and wires.
  • Electrical grid check for bugs and wires.
  • Vehicle check for GSM and GPS devices.

Results are always reported in writing. We can also advice you how not to get wired and apply countermeasures.