Detektywi PL are an experienced intelligence agency, delivering the best possible solutions for our clients. Our background checks can acquire helpful data. Data and information about entities, co-workers and market are a priority when it comes to our investigations. Gathered data will help you to make important business decisions. Our investigators are professionals, operating within the law and trained in ethics. Data is gathered discreetly, so our clients and their needs can remain concealed. It can take 1 to 30 days for an economic investigation. Payment is dependant on the amount of information we need to gather.

Exemplary services:

  • Records check (authentications, verification)
  • Determining financial values
  • Data check on companies (legal status, financial status)
  • Workplace theft (employees control program)
  • Employees checks (trustworthiness, loyalty, keeping a trade secret)
  • Potential contractor surveillance.
  • Debt recovery

For a full list of our services, please contact us. Our clients can validate that DETEKTYWI PL are far above a common Investigation Agency.