Our team of experienced investigators will collect any essential information for you. We are able to test reliability and infidelity and gather evidence for trial. We can also do a subtle background survey, search for a proof of addiction, find legal heirs. Custom services available.

We are using high-tech solutions, so services we provide for private clients are discreet and confidential.

We know you may have a lot of doubts and questions. Don’t be shy to tell us about it! We will answer any question on a free-of-charge meeting. We will tell you how DETEKTYWI PL can help you on your first phone call. While we are taking care of your problem, you can relax.

What can we do for you? I. E.:

  • Collecting data for trials, both civil and criminal
  • Collecting evidence of infidelity, for divorce
  • Surveillance of people and properties
  • Checks on whereabouts and registration reports
  • Checks on workplace and employment
  • Financial, inheritance, social and professional arrangements
  • Debt recovery (evidence, financial check, cooperation with banks and authorities)
  • Fidelity testing
  • DNA tests for parentage and relationships
  • Polygraph test (lie detector)
  • Children and teen protection (not trustworthy nan, bad company, addictions)
  • Senior protection (treatment check, therapist check)
  • Kidnappings
  • Witness and missing person location, also properties, possessions
  • Transport and fuel guard, GPS monitoring
  • Assist in case of mobbing (unjustified termination, bullying) – evidence gathering
  • Assist in case of stalking (Internet, cellphone, IRL) – evidence gathering
  • Assist in case of domestic abuse – evidence gathering


For a full list of our services, please contact us. Our clients can validate that DETEKTYWI PL are far above a common Investigation Agency.