About Us

Detektywi PL Sp. z o. o. is a Polish private investigation agency founded by experienced and licensed detectives, based in Warsaw. Our mission since the beginning is to set new, higher standards to help everyone in a gruesome situation.

We are able to solve any given problem, touching even the most complicated cases. Detektywi PL sets a new foundation for private investigations. There is no trivial cases to us, each and every one is treated individually, with our highest possible involvement.

For individuals

  • Collecting data for trials, both civil and criminal
  • Collecting evidence of infidelity, for divorce
  • Fidelity testing
  • DNA tests for parentage and relationships

For business

  • Records check (authentications, verification)
  • Employees checks (trustworthiness, loyalty, keeping a trade secret)
  • Determining financial values
  • Data check on companies (legal status, financial status)



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